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What’s the Average DevOps Engineer Salary? A Look at the Data for 2023

The estimated total pay for a Devops Engineer is $133,540 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $104,424 per year. We are a new and emerging technology startup, recently recognized as one of the top 10 unicorns in our country. For the last few years, we have been developing a cloud-based platform that will revolutionize payment processes and bridge the digital divide in our region.

  • A DevOps Engineer should know how to deploy in the server of production.
  • Top paying companies in Energy, Mining & Utilities for Devops Engineer are Exelon, Shell, and Schneider Electric.
  • A DevOps engineer is typically a senior position that requires extensive industry experience as well as a holistic and solid understanding of the business’s technical and operational aspects.
  • Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing.
  • There’s a connectivity between Software Development, QA, testing, and the Operations team to produce a feasible product.

The total cash compensation, which includes base, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $63,968 to $87,373 with the average total cash compensation of $74,952. Zippia reports the average software developer salary at $80,000 per year, while Indeed lists it as $101,182 per year, with an additional annual cash bonus of $4,000. In a DevOps model, the development and operations teams do not function separately as ‘siloed’ units but merge together. Also, this approach to software development demands frequent and incremental changes.

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We don’t have any other DevOps Engineer jobs in the Boston, MA area right now. Here are some other DevOps Engineer jobs in the Boston, MA area that may be a better fit. Demonstrates strong evidence of algorithmic and structured thinking, and intuition for logic, pattern matching, what-if analysis, problem decomposition. We’re looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our dynamic Engineering team. This role will focus on helping us rapidly execute our API & SaaS roadmaps.

Citizenship Required Java DevOps Engineer REMOTE or Gaithersburg, MD Our Clientis hiring a Java DevOps Engineer as part of a team of database and application development professionals. To be a part of a project focused on developing/maintaining, and enhancing complex and diverse software systems (e.g., processing-intensive analytics, novel algorithm development … Integrate infrastructure builds with application deployment processes.

Mastery of DevOps performance management

It is well suited for DevOps, as the team can focus on different microservice elements across different CI/CD cycles. Microservices also improve team productivity and fit into cloud-based application architectures by increasing their availability. Experience or zero experience, doesn’t matter, even if you have no experience but a strong will and required skills, you can become a DevOps Engineer. Research shows that 75.4% of DevOps engineers have a bachelor’s degree and 20.1% have a master’s degree.

DevOps Engineer salary

Higher education is an excellent way to prepare for an entry-level role and strengthen your resume. However, some employers accept related work experience or those with certifications in DevOps engineering instead of a degree. The next few sections DevOps Engineer job outline the career path of a DevOps engineer from an entry-level to a senior role. You might start as a backend developer and become interested in product deployment and project management, leading you to a DevOps engineer position later.

DevOps Engineer vs IT Generalist Salaries

Average software developer salary, according to ZipRecruiter.Lastly, ZipRecruiter lists the average software developer salary at $86,523 per year, with a low of $33K and a high of $138K. The average salary for DevOps engineers, according to Glassdoor.According to Glassdoor, the average DevOps engineer salary is $103,253 per year. This statistic is based on 5492 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by DevOps Engineer roles. The lowest salary is around $75K per year, and the highest salary is $141K per year. If you want to become a DevOps engineer, be prepared to invest years in acquiring the necessary skills and experience.

Based on multiple surveys, the average DevOps Salary in the US is approximately $105,017 per annum, with more experienced engineers drawing around $160,000 per annum. A DevOps engineer needs to have a varied set of coding skills and knowledge of various programming languages such as Java, Javascript, and Ruby. They should then be able to apply these coding skills to maintain an efficient automated pipeline or develop new tools as part of agile development practices. Most importantly, they should be skilled at writing secure code to shield the organization’s software from malicious attacks. DevOps engineers perform a lot of monitoring, automation, configuring, testing, networking, and infrastructure as code .

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We’re looking for an experienced Senior or Staff SRE to join this team of SRE, Cloud, and Security … Collaborate with other DevOps/SRE/Security Engineers to implement projects in the DevOps space – E … To sustain the culture within the organization, they should continuously look for ways to enhance and speed up the release process, for example, by integrating new software. Position Summary Fordham DevOps Apps team is looking for a creative full-stack developer to join our small, high-performing team. This role offers the right candidate the opportunity to contribute to … Audigent is looking to hire an Operations Engineer to work alongside our highly skilled team focusing on the processing, analyzing and distribution of the segmentation and identity data flowing …

What are total pay estimates for a Devops Engineer at different companies?

There’s a connectivity between Software Development, QA, testing, and the Operations team to produce a feasible product. The time is now to apply for high-paying remote software engineering jobs in the US if you are a software engineer who is familiar with DevOps. The demand for qualified software engineers is rising as more businesses try to use DevOps principles. Talking about DevOps’ future in various sectors of the IT business and where the greatest prospects are, DevOps is the organization’s process automation.

DevOps Engineer salary

Unlike a traditional software engineer or developer, DevOps must constantly collaborate with different teams, understand stakeholder requirements, and mediate conflicts when they arise. Refers to packing code, dependencies, configurations, and other production environment essentials into an independent package. This package can then be deployed in any infrastructure without impacting its surrounding components. DevOps engineers use containers to run microservice applications and test the code in a safe, sandboxed environment. Microservices is an architectural pattern that helps engineers build distributed applications from separately deployed services.

What is the lowest pay for Development Operations (DevOps) Engineers?

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Participate in full lifecycle development of software and implement all DevOps procedures to support the CI/CD process including the automation of the build, test and deploy pipelines. The future of DevOps is dazzlingly bright, with six-figure incomes, rapid job growth, and plenty of opportunities for upward mobility. You should absolutely give DevOps a go if you have a strong conviction that it is a rewarding vocation to pursue. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $107,250 per year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $160,000 per year.

DevOps Engineer salary

DevOps engineers need to use certain tools to implement DevOps practices. This means that they need to have a good understanding of those tools, from developing to monitoring, and operating them. A DevOps engineer needs to be able to manage complex automated pipelines. They must also have experience in organizing and deploying CI/CD tools since constant integration and delivery are the core of a DevOps culture. If you are thinking of becoming an Azure Devops Engineer or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of an Azure Devops Engineer.

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The DevOps engineers are responsible for carrying out this process, and in order to do so, they must be knowledgeable with a variety of DevOps-related topics, including its culture and technologies. The DevOps roadmap emphasizes that trainees should concentrate on developing practical skills. Lastly, BuiltIn reports the average salary as $125,577, with an average additional cash compensation of $15,244.

Full-stack developers, like DevOps engineers, have a lot of knowledge, skills, and responsibilities under their belt. Full-stack developer salaries are typically higher than backend developer salaries and frontend developer salaries. Glassdoor reports the average salary for a software developer at $96,075 per year. The lowest salary for a software developer is $67K, and the highest is $137K. “DevOps engineer” is a job title with different meanings and definitions from one company to the next. However, generally speaking, a DevOps engineer possesses coding and engineering skills and works with IT and operations teams.

Not only do you have to have coding and engineering knowledge, but you also need excellent communication skills, not to mention the ability to plan, manage, and oversee projects in all their stages. PayScale says an average salary for a senior-level DevOps engineer is $130K per year if you have more than 20 years of experience. Glassdoor reports the average full-stack developer salary at $97,748, going as low as $61K and as high as $156K. Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery or abbreviated as CI/CD is the essence of DevOps.