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Following the divorce, Patrick’s mother raised him and his siblings with the support of her extended family. Recently, jealousy and trust issues seemed to have been sparked between Arya and Patrick over “flirtatious messages,” Arya perceives that Patrick exchanged with an ex on Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. Marriage, with all of the joys involved, is known to our MD couples therapists to be a difficult process due to the melding of two lives, two personalities, and two families.

Below, see how 17 couples incorporated cultural traditions into their own fusion weddings to honor their families’ heritage and each other. While you may hail from a different culture than these married couples, these real-life examples of multicultural fusion weddings are sure to inspire you.

This is especially true for first- and second-generation Americans who experience two cultures at home, and American culture outside of their homes. At home you might be able to express another part of who you are, but outside of your home, people see the “American” side of you. Discuss the positives and negatives of the two cultures and choose together which parts will best fit in your relationship. Talk with your mate about the possible weaknesses and strengths of your own culture. Decide which aspects of both cultures might enhance the household you’re building. All understanding british men kind of relationships, love, child-parent, boss-employee, but must have a relationship character. So I won’t really give you that advice, I think as long as you keep your relationship balanced and mutual, and learn to compromise, to forgive, and to communicate, your relationship will only get stronger and healthier.

  • Yet being with someone who is not “just like” you can bring more challenges from the onset until you get to know one another and each others’ families.
  • Whether it’s because of travel, study abroad programs, or online dating, more people than ever are entering an intercultural marriage.
  • They met each other on the dating app, Bumble, and shortly after started dating.
  • His mother struggled with finding housing and consistent work, his father was struck with a disability and now lives in a nursing home, and his sister suffers from a mental illness.
  • Discussing potentially different beliefs and how you’ll address them will stand in your good stead for the future and help you to build a strong foundation for your relationship.
  • In contrast, couples who make the mistake of assuming that their partner’s life experiences were similar to their own run the risk of having unspoken assumptions and expectations lead to conflict, emotional flooding, and hurt feelings.

If you feel disconnected or frustrated about the state of your marriage but want to avoid separation and/or divorce, the course meant for married couples is an excellent resource to help you overcome the most challenging aspects of being married. No matter what differences are between you, remember that your cultures and upbringing are what made you the people you fell in love with.

Lutheran-Hindu Multicultural Wedding in Water Mill, New York

Two people from the same racial background can show more genetic diversity than two people from different racial backgrounds, so differences in race do not account for differences in culture. A marriage can be multicultural without being interracial or interracial without being multicultural. Usually, intercultural couples believe that it is more important to be similar in personal values, social class, personality styles, and interests than in the dimensions of culture, race and religion.

Holidays as an Interracial Couple

Nazir agreed to therapy when social services threatened to step in, and signed a contract promising to stop the violence towards his wife. At the same time the therapist helped Sue understand how powerless Nazir was feeling, as men who have left their cultural roots and families can do, often having never learned to use an emotionally intelligent approach to problem solving. If your partner is from a different culture, there’s a chance that they may have been born or have family in a different country too. If so, you’ll need to talk about where you see your future and where you plan to live. There are practical issues, such as whether you’ll need a marriage based green card, to consider, so this is something you’ll want to talk about in advance. Knowing where you’re going to spend your life is critical for your happiness, so coming to a joint decision about where you want to live is the basis for a happy union.

Multicultural Marriage

It’s frustrating that not everyone is treated equally in this world, but it is a reality to have to deal with. Of course, being a foreign wife in India draws attention; however, we have learned to use it as an asset instead of a liability. We try to utilize our differences to show kindness to people in unique ways rather than get irritated by the extra attention.

Whether it’s with family, friends, or co-workers, disagreements can put a damper on the festive season. But with the right strategies, you can learn how to navigate these situations with integrity and respect. To help you navigate these tricky times, download our self-care guide on how to handle disagreements over the holidays. From the best selling authors at LearnWell, comes a book by Graziana Zito – a veteran of multicultural relationships and all of the challenges that come with them.

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